The rugged and grandiose Lower North Shore is one of the last wilderness areas in Canada.  The low coastline is dotted with thousands of islands, secret coves, passages and sandy white beaches. Boulder fields and moraines covered with the blue-green mosses and lichen of the tundra stretch as far as the eye can see. World-class Atlantic Salmon rivers flow through mighty rapids and waterfalls. Wide open spaces offer breathtaking views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The Lower North Shore is characterized by subarctic coastal, boreal and tundra environments.


It falls under the Mecatina Hills and Middle St. Augustine Hills natural regions. Its unique and fragile ecosystems attract multitudes of seabirds, seaducks, seals, and whales.  Cool summers follow cold, crisp winters with heavy snowfalls. Icebergs from Greenland are carried south by the cold Labrador Current and can be viewed offshore until mid-summer. Northern Lights colour the sky on clear nights.  


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