• We just got back this evening and wanted to tell you how much we liked our trip. Our minds are full of wonderful images and memories. We have never seen so many whales in our life! We visited all the villages between Old Fort and Blanc Sablon in Quebec and also the Labrador Coast up to Battle Harbour. We slept in B and B’s where we ate home baked bread with bakeapple jam – yum! We also ate all kinds of seafood and tried caribou and moose. We took tonnes of photos. We don’t want to leave… Thanks so much for your hospitality. Everyone on the Coast is really nice!

    C. Diguer, Montreal
Sunset on the Lower North Shore
Sunset on the Lower North Shore
  • I wanted to travel along the Lower North Shore and the best way was to drive to Natashquan and then take the Nordik Express. It was great to see the landscape changing gradually as I made my way north. On the boat, I loved the trip. Seeing whales, thousands of tiny islands along the Coast, rivers everywhere, beaches filled with shells and the shipwreck in Kegaska, all the little villages along the Coast including Harrington Harbour, with its wooden boardwalks and beautiful houses, the landscape sculpted by glaciers - it was a total change of scenery.  For me the Lower North Shore was a breath of fresh air and a place where I could re-energize. And what can I say about the salmon rivers with their waterfalls and rapids – it was an unforgettable experience. But my favourite memory is of all the people I met who impressed me with their generosity. I miss you Lower North Shore!

    C. Lopez, Montreal